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Precious Outreach has inspired me to live a life in God’s Spirit.  Precious has kept so me focused that I didn’t allow anything to shift me out of place with God.  Because of Precious Outreach, I’ve been able to get what I need to live my life correctly for my Granddaughter ShayShay and the rest of my family.  I love volunteering with Precious.  They inspire so many and teach God’s truth through the Word of God.

Tanya Renee

Hi, my name is Valerie and I thank God for Precious Outreach Ministry.  I ended up at the Helen Wright Shelter for Women due to going through a divorce from my abusive husband. I was attending Shaw University and working as well. As long as a I stayed busy I was fine, so I thought. At night, in a place where I could not believe I was, I cried every night.  I was a mess. I felt so alone even in a room full of people. Everyday I would put on my mask smiling as if nothing was wrong. I went through my daily routine, but behind the mask I was so hurt and broken. Precious Outreach came to the shelter every Wednesday night to teach a class called Women Issues. Lord did I have issues; I had been raped and abused by man and church.  I was in the back one night and I heard this big voice coming out of the dining room with the door closed. I walked up to the door and peeked in, I saw this tiny little lady, Sonia Rene’s and either Tracy or Felicia. I didn't go in that night but for the next few days I could hear Sonia Rene’s voice. I decided to check the next class out. Sonia Rene opened with prayer and that night my whole life changed. Sonia Rene spoke about how precious we ladies are and how much God loves us. She said that where we are right now is a safe place and to take this time to talk to God and let Him talk to you, let Him hold you in His arms, because He cares and He knows. As I listened to Elder Sonia Renee I felt as if heaviness was falling off of me. At the end of class, I went and asked Elder Sonia to pray with me, I was so broken that I could not even pray for myself. She prayed for me and hugged me as I cried like a baby.  At that moment, I knew that God had sent Precious just for me. I started going every Wednesday night, and I just had to visit Destiny International Ministry to see this church that these powerful women are connected to. I loved it, and this is where I met my spiritual mom Pastor Shirley R brown. I transitioned out of the shelter into my apartment where I still am.  I started sharing the love that Precious showed me to anybody I met. I became a member of Destiny in 2009 and I'm still there now in 2017. I started going to every event that Precious had and I am now a part of Precious Outreach Ministry. To God be the glory.I don't think I would have made it without the love and support of  Precious Outreach Ministry; not just a ministry, we are a family.                   Valerie Stanberry